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    4th September 2014,  08:25

    Aggiornamento di Cubase: 7.5.30

    Segnalo che la minor update .30 di Cubase 7.5 e Nuendo è uscita e risolve parecchi problemi (ma non tutti, a giudicare dai commenti degli utenti sul forum della Steinberg).


    • The performance when importing a large number of audio files has been improved.
    • The reliability of the video engine has been improved (OS X only).

    Issues resolved

    • CHORD TRACK: The Chord track now works correctly when recording while Chord track is used with a virtual instrument.
    • EDITING: A frozen instrument track is now muted when the solo editor is used with the part editor.
    • EDITING: Quantization of audio material when AudioWarp is applied no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • EDITING: The “invert selection” function in the key and drum editor now works correctly.
    • EDITING: Midi CC automation is now chased correctly.
    • EDITING: The sound playback now works as expected when an audio
    part is edited in the sample editor.
    • EDITING: The mouse time position can now be edited without limitations.
    • EDITING: The curve tool in the key editor no longer wrongly modifies velocity values when drawing in the articulations/dynamics lane.
    • EDITING: Removing pre-populated buttons in the Favorites Tab of the Score Editor no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • EDITING: The command “select in loop” no longer selects controller events before the loop.
    • PROJECT LOGICAL EDITOR: Certain parameters are now stored correctly.
    • LIST EDITOR: The List Editor no longer renders the host application unstable if it is closed when having the status line open.
    • MIDI: The performance of the MIDI Editor has been improved with regards to the behavior of the SOLO function.
    • MIDI: The MIDI connections in the MIDI device manager are now stored correctly.
    • MIDI: MIDI chase now works correctly when multiple channels are used on the same MIDI track.
    • MIDI: Drag & drop of a MIDI file into an existing MIDI track no longer leads to name changes.
    • MIDI: The controller lane type of the key editor is now set correctly on first opening.
    • STEINBERG HUB: The function “remove from list” now works as expected in the project assistant.
    • STEINBERG HUB: The Steinberg Hub no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • MARKER: The selection of multiple markers within the marker window now works correctly.
    • MARKER: A problem with the auto scroll function within the marker window has been solved.
    • MEDIA BAY: The location tree can now be sorted in alphabetical order.
    • TRACKS: Moving a folder into another folder no longer leads to tracks being placed outside the folder.
    • TRACKS: A graphical issue when clicking on the Inspector’s visibility tab has been solved.
    • EXPORT AUDIO: BWF timecode information is now included correctly when a batch export is performed using cycle markers.
    • EXPORT AUDIO: The audio batch export now works more reliably when using markers in the project.


    • SCORING: A zooming issue has been corrected.
    • SCORING: Editing a user symbol no longer renders the application
    • SCORING: An inconsistent behavior of shift+double click on a symbol or text has been corrected.


    • CONTROL ROOM: The cue sources in the control room are now saved correctly.
    • CONTROL ROOM: The status of the control room modules is now saved correctly.
    • CONTROL ROOM: A graphical problem within the control room window has been solved.
    • CONTROL ROOM: If monitor A is removed, monitor B is no longer increased in volume.
    • CONTROL ROOM: The AI knob of the Steinberg CC121 now controls control room sliders correctly.
    • MIXCONSOLE: Unexpected behavior of the Channel Link function
    relating to inserted plug-ins has been resolved.
    • MIXCONSOLE: The channel width is no longer set below the minimum size when switching from a multi-display setup to a one-display setup.
    • MIXCONSOLE: Logging a channel to the right no longer causes problems with certain cut-off and zoom functions.


    • PLUG-INS: Certain problems with compatibility of UAD-plug-ins have been solved.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: A problem with selecting audio and instrument tracks has been solved.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: The instrument name no longer changes automatically when the track name is changed.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: An issue related to the auto track renaming scheme (instrument tracks 2.0) has been solved.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: Unmute statuses of instrument tracks are now stored correctly.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: The output chain display for monotimbral virtual instruments is now working correctly.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: An instrument track no longer loses the output channel configuration when stored as a track preset.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: A graphical issue related to Groove Agent has been solved.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: Track presets from previous versions of Cubase/Nuendo can now be applied without output connection problems in the current version of Cubase/Nuendo.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: An export or import of track archives of instrument tracks with more outputs no longer causes missing automation.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: Mute status of instrument tracks is now stored correctly.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: MIDI events are no longer locked when unfreezing an instrument track.
    • VST INSTRUMENTS: VST presets can now be saved correctly for Native Instruments Massive plug-ins.


    • OMF: Japanese characters are now displayed correctly after OMF import.
    • OMF: The volume automation is now displayed correctly after
    the import of embedded OMF from Final Cut Pro.
    • OMF: A playback problem with an existing video file when importing OMF or AAF files into the same project has been solved.
    • REMOTE CONTROL: A wrong display of the menu item no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • EUCON: Closing Cubase/Nuendo no longer leads to stability issues when the EuCon adapter is loaded.
    • OTHER: Changing the origin time of any VST Sound audio file no longer renders the application unreliable.
    • OTHER: “Solo Defeat” now works correctly even when switched on/off a couple of times.

    * Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7.5/Nuendo 6.5 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7.5.


    • METERING: Direct Monitoring (input signals) can be displayed on the metering channel.
    • ADR: ADR buttons are now working flawlessly when Nuendo acts as Salve in a machine sync setup.
    • ADR: The ADR pre-roll function now works correctly when delay compensation is enabled.
    • ADR: The video display no longer turns black when ADR playback is started in Free Run Mode (without pre-roll).
    • ADR: The ADR pre-roll now works as expected when 9pin remote-sync is applied to Nuendo.
    • COMPATIBILITY: Sound Devices 664 .wav files are now fully compatible with Nuendo.
    • LOUDNESS TRACK: A wrong display of true peak values in the loudness track has been corrected.
    • MIXCONSOLE: The settings for the Surround PannerV5 are now copied correctly using drag & drop in conjunction with the channel settings.
    • MXF: Performance when importing MXF files has been improved.
    • MXF: Import of MXF files from Canopus Edius now works flawlessly.
    • MXF: The origin time of MXF audio files is no longer ignored by the application.
    • MXF: A problem with distorted sound when recording an MXF in 32bit- float resolution has been solved.
    • MXF: The application is no longer rendered unreliable during the import of certain MXF files.
    • NUAGE: The Steinberg HUB window no longer makes the Nuendo track mixer, shown on the Nuage Fader section display, improper.
    • NUAGE: Switching DAWs improper channel display.
    via the Nuage controller no longer results in
    • NUAGE: The “right align mode” of the Nuage Fader section no longer gets canceled when applying “lock left” to audio tracks.
    • NUAGE: The virtual pan slider on the Nuendo mixer display is now shown correctly.
    • NUAGE: When loading the channel strip on the Nuage Fader set (DYN), the parameters are now entirely visible.
    • NETWORK COLLABORATION: Exchanging a video via network collaboration features using Windows and OS X now works as expected.
    • AAF: The volume automation on export is now handled correctly if there are no keyframes in between crossfades.
    • AAF: The filter plug-in now distinguishes correctly between missing files and muted files.
    • AAF: Export of Asian characters is now working reliable.
    • AAF: Export of AAF files when the hard disk is full no longer renders the
    application unreliable.
    • AAF: A wrong interpolation of volume automation data has been corrected.
    • AAF: A wrong interpretation of volume automation key frames has been corrected.
    • AAF: Referencing of different file formats now works as expected.
    • AAF: The to frames.
    • AAF: export no longer fails in case event positions are quantized
    • AAF: Import of volume automation data from Avid Media Composer 7 containing keyframes that are located outside of clips are now read correctly.
    • AAF: Automation data in AAF files created with Avid Media Composer is now read correctly.

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  3. 32 kHz
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    a casa mia
    6th September 2014,  14:18

    Sul mio Mac ha qualche problema con alcuni effetti (che sembrano essere accomunati dall'essere scritti con Juce) wrappati in Automap: se istanzio un plugin nella Mixconsole, muovo un controllo sul plugin e poi, senza chiuderne la gui, vado a rimuoverlo/sostituirlo, Cubase va in crash.
    Il problema non si presenta se prima si chiude la GUI dell'effetto oppure se si usa la versione non wrappata (io ho optato per questa soluzione, il rischio di dimenticarmi l'interfaccia aperta è troppo elevata). Il problema sembra riguardare solo gli effetti, non l'ho riscontrato sui synth (li testati solo col rack, non come instrument track).

    Per il resto, per quel poco che l'ho provata, mi sembra che questa release funzioni bene e che sia più responsiva.
    Il rispetto si costruisce solo insieme.

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    6th September 2014,  16:45

    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da sin night Visualizza Messaggio
    più responsiva

  5. 32 kHz
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    a casa mia
    6th September 2014,  19:13

    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da lordadb Visualizza Messaggio
    Cioè sembra più scattante a livello di interfaccia grafica.
    Il rispetto si costruisce solo insieme.

  6. Eroe del forum (Admin) L'avatar di lordadb
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    6th September 2014,  19:34

    Prima ci metteva un po' ad aprire la mixconsole, non ho fatto caso se adesso si apre istantaneamente.

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